Our Story


The motivation and drive behind  Waite 4 Summer is solely to

to encourage and prepare the next generation of leaders in Cybersecurity

and we are here to help!

During the pandemic of 2020, a Cybersecurity company  Waite SLTS  , discovered a way to give back to the next generation of Cybersecurity leaders by offering the services that will prepare these youth leaders. We’re looking to do this by teaching the skills needed to transition into a Cybersecurity career field after high school.

Cybersecurity is an art and Waite 4 Summer offers training to the future leaders of Cybersecurity!

Waite 4 Summer teaches youth leaders about the basics of Cybersecurity. We do this by offering the following skills in Cybersecurity :

⁃ Preparing for careers in Cybersecurity
⁃ Learning the technical skills of a security and network administrator
⁃ Security Policy’s and compliance for Government Cybersecurity opportunities
⁃ Self-paced training videos to perform a security gap analysis
⁃ Hands on network monitoring training (
available soon)

Since cybersecurity is essential within every business, we’re looking to educate and prepare our future leaders in such a high demanding career field!



Waite SLTS


Shelly Waite-Bey is a New Jersey native who joined the United States Air Force in 1999.

She served during the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom Era.

As one of the Flight Attendant’s on Air Force II, it is easier to say where she has not been, globally,

compared to the countries she has visited.

In 2013, Shelly began attending and participating in Entrepreneurship courses and programs for disabled veterans.

After graduating from these programs Ms. Waite began her Cybersecurity Consulting company

Waite Secured Line Technology Solutions or Waite SLTS for short,

however in 2020 Shelly wanted to share her talents with the youth!



Sharing the Cybersecurity Passion :

During the summer of 2021 the parent company of  Waite 4 Summer ,  Waite SLTS , led a youth summer camp in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Waite SLTS collaborated with Wired Minds , Virtual Reload,

and the Breaking Glass group to offer Cybersecurity Training and instruction in gaming courses with

 mindfulness training to over 20 camp participants.

This huge success is what sparked the burning desire to become

the #1 Youth Cybersecurity Training Program!