How to Avoid Spyware

If you think devious Web sites are the only places where spyware awaits its victims, you are in for a shock. Spyware lurks in many corners of the Internet; often in places where you'd least expect it. All it takes is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to compromise your Internet browsing safety.

Here’s where the danger lies:

- You open your Web browser and begin browsing

- You visit a site and unknowingly fall into a spyware trap, such as:

- A pop-up you click on, even to close it

- A deceptive link that you follow

- A clickable graphic that leads down a dangerous path

- Spyware loads onto your PC without your knowledge

- Sometimes simply opening a Web page or an HTML email starts the installation

- Your computer is infected and your personal information is at risk

Spyware quickly begins its task of stealing your information (including credit card numbers, usernames and passwords), directing your browser to suspect sites, changing or deleting your files, pummeling you with pop-ups and slowing your PC to a crawl.

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