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Internet safety can be deceiving. Seemingly reputable sites may contain spyware traps, or the sites themselves may be counterfeit — phishing sites posing as the real thing to lure you into their scams and debacles. The path away from Internet safety often begins innocently enough; however, certain sites are more prone to be a source of spyware, including:

- Adult sites

- File sharing sites

- Social networking sites

Follow these internet safety tips for avoiding spyware and fortify your computer security right away:

- Avoid questionable Web sites

- Only download software from sites you trust. Carefully evaluate free software and file-sharing applications before downloading them.

- Update your operating system regularly

- Increase your browser security settings

- Type in a trusted URL for a company's site into the address bar of your browser to bypass links in an email or instant message

- Make sure that you have the best security software [] products installed on your PC:

- Use antivirus protection and a firewall

- Get antispyware software protection

An unprotected computer is like an open door for Web sites that threaten your Internet safety with spyware and computer viruses.

Firewalls monitor Internet traffic in and out of your computer and hide your PC from online scammers looking for easy targets.

Products like Webroot Internet Security Essentials and Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper make avoiding spyware easier by thwarting spyware and viruses before they can enter your PC, standing guard at every possible entrance of your computer and fending off threats that try to enter, even the most damaging and devious strains.

If a spyware or virus threat is detected, questionable content is quarantined or deleted.

While free antispyware and antivirus downloads are available, they just can't keep up with the continuous onslaught of new spyware strains. Previously undetected forms of spyware and viruses can often do the most damage, so it's critical to have up-to-the-minute, guaranteed protection.

Stay Safe Out There,


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